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The ecovillage Sieben Linden was founded back in 1997. It is a holistic community based project aming to realise a sustainable lifestyle, that decreases the ecological footprint. In the areas of ecology, social matters, culture and econemy the future lifstyle will be connected with a high quality  of life. This may be conected with an intense community based interaction.

Around one hundred adults and forty children and adolescent are living in the ecovillage. In a wide range of training programs we pass on our experience to an interessted audience. Sieben Linden is situated in the Altmark – district of Salzwedel, Saxony-Anhalt and is part of the community Beetzendorf.

News & Projects


Volunteering – Solidarity – Sustainability

Volunteering – Solidarity – Sustainability

This project is called “Volunteering, Solidarity and Sustainability”. It was started by four organisations who each host relatively large numbers of volunteers with the aim of improving the quality of our volunteer hosting. We...

Living in sustainable villages

Ecovillages as catalysts for sustainable rural development Within the framework of the project “Living in sustainable villages“, funded by the German Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt / Bundesumweltministerium), five member associations of GEN Germany, among others Sieben...

Seminar Center

We are planning to build a new seminar center in straw ball construction to expand our existing infrastructures. It will include 16 new guest rooms (from single to multi-bed standard), two seminar rooms, a...


In a wide range of training programs we pass on our experience to an interessted audience. We also offer some international courses!

Welcome to Sieben Linden

Since 1997 we are implementing sustainable lifestyles, taking into account ecological, cultural, economic and social issues.

We share our experiences and knowledge with the public through a diverse range of educational offerings.

If you have a few minutes see our videoclip (choose English subtitles!)

International courses

For an overview please follow this link 

For the German program of Sieben Linden click here!

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  1. Bea says:

    Hey Zeynep, the closest airport is Berlin TXL or Hamburg. But beg visitors to travel eco-friendly by bus or train. Please let us know when you want to visit us. Check our seminars here: For further information please contact us:

  2. Zeynep Okyay says:

    hi. i want to visit your village but i m living in Turkey. so can u tell me. Which airport is closest to you?

  3. John Callanan says:

    Wishing to learn more about Eco Living …

  4. Foix says:

    We are a scout group from Catalonia, Spain, and we are looking for a
    volunteering for this summer in august. We have looked your webpage and we
    want to know if we can do some volunteer this days for your project.
    We are a group of 9 members between 17-19 years old and two monitors.
    We would like very much if we could do something in your project.
    Also we would know about the price if it’s possible.
    Thanks you
    Truc A.E.I.G Pere II i Snta Maria de Foix