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Lizandra Barbuto Gomez

I am a Brazilian, born in Belo Horizonte, a city southeast Brazil. I am an occupational therapist, expert in Neuroscience, Human Development and Integral Sustainability. I have been trained in Integrative Psychotherapy, Theatre and Spontaneous Movement, in a practice that supports the search for identity and awareness through bodily movement, mental and emotional presence and authentic freedom. Nature guides my life and my work, and I am a facilitator of the Guide Way of Nature. My admiration for humanity started as a teenager, through my first contact with Sufism. And over the last 20 years I have maintained a practice in the School of Gurdjieff. I have both studied and practiced yoga and meditation for 17 years. My early career was marked by meeting and taking care of people confronted with the issue of death. I was actively involved in neurological rehabilitation and thanatology. Through this I learned a lot about dealing with people; knowing their frailties, their fears and doubts, as well as the wonderful human ability to overcome obstacles. After a change in my career I now to use this potential and knowledge in other contexts. I encountered this new path as the result of better coming to know myself and in the search to learn new methods and approaches of creation and integration for processes of change and development for adults. I have worked as a therapist with adults in different contexts; such as elders, the psychotic, community and business organization for 15 years. In each case what I have found is that people are looking for rest, freedom and for each one to be authentically themselves. So, as a seeker for new possibilities in human development, I met John Croft and Dragon Dreaming. It opened a big possibility that I was looking for, as we are working in developing individuals to grow the potential the power of collective intelligence. I am a person with many interests. Through these I find I learn more, enjoying using my talents and acquiring knowledge in a pleasant way. I like sports and I challenge myself by seeking to be close to nature. I practice mountaineering and climbing, and find in this way I learn the power of resilience and confidence. Photography is a way to practice my ability to choose, limit, and shape my way of looking at the world. In cooking I can experience my total creative potential, and without fear or error I can share and enjoy a beautiful, tasty table. In sewing I get in touch with the heritage and spirit of my grandmother who has been of great inspiration to mastering my power as a woman. I believe the world will be better if people are healthy and well, enjoying their talents successfully and with recognition of their contribution. Life is a gift and by taking care of my own I can enjoy it in the best possible way. I have found that this is only possible if you become aware of yourself and your place in the world. I dream of working worldwide in a conscious and non-judgmental fashion in helping people of all cultures to achieve their full potential in a healthy way.

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September 2017

Mo 18.09.2017 - So 24.09.2017 DRAGON DREAMING TRANSITION LAB – with John Croft and Team