The idea of ​​a “self-sustained, ecological village” was established in 1989. When the core group emerged from many interested parties, we bought the Groß Chüden project center in Altmark (25 km north of Sieben Linden) in 1993 for joint planning and direct community experience.

In March 1997, we bought the property for the eco-village, in June 1997 the first of us moved with a van to Siebenlinden. First, we converted the existing old farm to the community building and the regional center according to ecological criteria. It became the focal point of community life and seminar centre. Since 1999 additional infrastructure has been established: paths, wells, electricity and telephone lines, plant drainage system, pond, amphitheater, planting of windbreaks, u.v.m. A five-hectare piece of agricultural impoverished land is gradually transformed into a valuable garden land.

On eight hectares of building land, we are continuously building houses, other guest rooms and commercial buildings. At the present time (2017) are eleven multi-family dwelling houses, the regional and seminar center, the meditation house and other smaller buildings (woodworks, horse stables, summer kitchens, etc.) in Siebenlinden.

The farm in Poppau, which was rented in 1998, initially served as a transitional area; now it belongs to the community which is closely linked to us and is gradually being renovated.

We have grown from initially 15 pioneers to now about 140 people (2017). The target size is twice as high, but most important to us is the organic growth of the community. The question is: How many people can we integrate at the moment? Also externally our village has enlarged covering a total of about 100 ha (of which 64 ha are forest).

Contact with the region has also intensified over the years. The visits and continuous reporting in local newspapers regularly invite the neighbors to Sieben Linden. Sieben Linden is a well integrated part of the municipality of Beetzendorf. A project member is there in the town council through the “Energiewendeliste”, which we co-founded.