Support us

Support us by tax deductible donations, cooperative shares or financing the seminar centre:

Tax-deductible donations

You are welcome to donate a tax-deductible donation to the non-profit association “Freundeskreis Ökodorf e.V.”. The account is: IBAN DE41 4306 0967 0030 7678 01, BIC GENODEM1GLS, at the GLS Bank in Bochum. Please send us an e-mail or a letter with your address on the same time, so that we can send you a donation certificate. You can give us a free donation or a dedicated donation. We are currently collecting donations for the following projects: – Seminarcentre – Meditation House / House of Silence – Anna shift fund: With this fund, we enable young people with little money to participate in our seminars on discounted terms.

Cooperative shares

Become a sponsoring member of the Siedlungsgenossenschaft Ökodorf e.G. You can become a “sponsor” of the Siedlungsgenossenschaft Ökodorf eG by purchasing cooperative shares of at least 5 shares per 1025, – €. As a sponsoring member, you either subscribe to general cooperative shares, or you explicitly sign “solidarity shares”, which can be used to make people with few capital members become cooperative members. Under this minimum of € 5.125, we would have too much administrative expenses. A maximum of 49 shares = 50,225, – € is possible. The subscription of sponsoring shares to the settlement cooperative (SiGe) does not automatically entitle to life in Sieben Linden and does not include voting rights at meetings of the cooperative, but the right to participate in cooperative meetings and to take an insight into the balance sheets. Funding shares are interest-bearing if the SiGe makes significant profits. A prerequisite for this is a statutory profit gain. The shares are redeemable with a notice period of 6 months at the end of the year, and are then repaid in the summer of the following year. Repayment is made after the balance sheet has been established. For more information, please contact: or 039000-51231

Financing the seminar centre

We are planning to build a new seminar center in straw ball construction to expand our existing structures. It will include 16 new guest rooms (from single to multi-bed standard), two seminar rooms, a children’s room, sanitary and dining rooms for our guests. A detailed project description can be found here (German). The realization of this seminar center is a big leap for the development of the eco-village:
  • It allows many more people from all over the world to get to know us and to get inspired by Sieben Linden.
  • It will enable us to make more offers for the region.
  • It will be the first guest & seminar house in straw construction in Germany.
  • More people from Sieben Linden will be able to work in the educational and guest business.
That is why we are looking for people who support this project with their capital. There are three ways to financially support this project:
  • Donation to the nonprofit Freundeskreis Ökodorf eV
  • Drawing subsidized shares of the Siedlungsgenossenschaft Ökodorf eG
  • Membership loan to the Siedlungsgenossenschaft Ökodorf eG
You can find more detailed information on the investment opportunities here (German). Do you want to contribute with your capital to inspire many people to change their lives? Please contact: Eva Stützel, 039000-51237, or mail us using the contact form.