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We are pleased that every year there is a growing interest in the Ecovillage Sieben Linden. Depending on individual interests our offerings range from just-a-quick-glance to weekends and weeks full of information as well as from holiday to work experience.

Those who think about living in the community should attend our offerings to get to know the Ecovillage on a deeper level, like ‘PIT’ (project information days). Before start of a trial period the Community Course (see below) is mandatory.

Except for ‘Sonntagscafe’ you should apply for all events personally (website, e-mail, phone, snail mail): info(ätt), phone: 039000-51235, office hours: monday, tuesday, thursday, friday 9.30-12.00 pm wednesday 2.00 – 4.30 am.


The frist Sunday every month (except january and august) our regular Sundaycafè takes place. It starts at 1.30 pm with a giuded tour. 2.30 to 5 pm you will get cake and coffee/tea. a cultural program or a talk around ecological or global issues is also offered. See (German) program here.

Give yourself a tour in Sieben Linden

In the Infopavillon right at te mainsquare you will find a booklet, that will guide you through the village along some numbered stations.

I would like to live in Sieben Linden. How can I become a resident?

To live in Sieben Linden requires in any case an unhasty approach and reciprocal interest. We are not just a plane ecological settlement where you could avoid each other if necessary. We are a community where we make decisions together and cultivate a certain sense of community. Like in a relationship perhaps, where you wouldn’t get together with everyone.

Who considers the Ecovillage a future place to live for themselves should first of all visit a project information weekend or week. Also, in work experience weeks, like Einmachwoche (makings preserves) or Geländegestaltung (landscape designing and maintenance), or at the summer camp one can become more acquainted to Sieben Linden and better experience the everyday life. The participation of a project information weekend or week is usually required to take part in the Gemeinschaftskurs (community course). The latter consists of two parts:

The first part (Sieben Linden intensiv) lasts 7 days. The only requirement to take part in this is the beforehand visit of a project information week or weekend, as already mentioned above.

‚Sieben Linden intensiv‘ will be offered 2 to 3 times a year. In one week full of information, community building processes, self-awareness and reflection you will get introduced to Sieben Linden. This week provides a deep insight in our community and especially addresses people who are thinking about moving to Sieben Linden, and helps them to answer the associated questions that come with it, too. Be it inner issues, such as: ‘Is this the right step for me?’ or be it factual issues: ‘What am I going to face, financially, administratively, … in Sieben Linden?’

The second part, the community course for people who are interested to move to Sieben Linden (Gemeinschaftskurs für Zuzugsinteressierte) lasts 14 days and takes place once a year. This course deals with precise organizational and inner questions, regarding the individual move, and also deepens the contact to the Ecovillage community. A space gets created for mutual support and community building amongst the participants.

Participation in this course is only possible after attending ‚Sieben Linden intensiv‘ and after invitation by Sieben Linden.

After participating in ‚Gemeinschaftskurs für Zuzugsinteressierte‘ you can apply for a one year trial period. For this you need 2 ‘godparents’ (who will guide you through the trial period), a ‘trial-period-question’ and an ‘introduction evening’ where the applicants tell their life story, show photographs et cetera. Each of these evening session is individually arranged and helps the by now large community to gain insight in the newcomer’s world. The General Assembly decides about beginning and end of the trial period.

After that the first part of the co-op shares is due, and the second with becoming a member of the community. Beside the co-op shares of 12.300 Euro altogether plus an admission fee of 1.500 Euro most residents spend between 500 and 1.000 Euro per month for living expenses (this money is spent by the residents on rent, food, insurances, running costs et cetera). Building houses needs additional financing, too. At present our growth is limited by a shortage of living space.

After the trial period all residents decide about taking in new members into the co-op. 2/3 of the residents have to say ‘yes’.

Arising questions of possible living space and of opportunities to earn a living will be addressed in the approaching phase. To support this we have the community course and the godparents. Living space in Sieben Linden is limited, generally. People in trial period possibly have to be content with some interim solutions until they find something more ‘permanent’. As said before: At present we really face the challenge that we need more capital to be able to build more houses.

New people with specific competences

Ecovillage Sieben Linden is looking for new members who are interested in living in community and with professional competence in: forestry, clay buildings, bicycle technology, technical infrastructure (electrical engineering, water, communication,…), mobility (motorcar mechanic).

We offer: living in community, social-ecological focus with self-sufficiency, co-operative organization, nature-orientated living space and a high degree of personal responsibility and active participation in the work areas.

This is not an offer for paid jobs in these areas! It might be possible to earn money with it, though, after some time and own initiative. For this please use the above mentioned offerings on how to become acquainted with Sieben Linden. If interested contact us at or +49-(0)39000-51235.

Further reading on Sieben Linden

Recommended literature that also goes into the mentioned capital dilemma in detail: ‘Dorf ohne Kirche – die ganz große Führung durch das Ökodorf Sieben Linden’ by Michael Würfel (german language). Available in bookstores or p&p free here at eurotopia publishing in Sieben Linden