EVS ist ein ERASMUS+ -Projekt. Ab 2019 wird es von einem neuen Programm, dem European Solidarity Corps abgelöst.

Mit dem Europäischen Freiwilligendienst (kurz EVS) können sich junge Menschen im europäischen Ausland engagieren. Sie leben und arbeiten dort in gemeinnützigen Projekten und haben die Chance, neue Eindrücke, Ideen und Perspektiven zu sammeln.

Die Freiwilligen werden vor, während und nach ihrem Dienst pädagogisch begleitet, Sprachkenntnisse sind nicht erforderlich.

Das Ökodorf Sieben Linden ist akkreditierte Hosting, Coordinating und Sending Organization für EVS.

Wir haben in 2018 Kooperationen mit Slowenien und Schweden und konnten jeweils eine Freiwillige aus diesem Land bei uns aufnehmen. Ins europäische Ausland können wir ebenfalls entsenden. In 2019 nehmen wir jeweils einen Freiwilligen aus Slowenien und der Türkei auf.


If you are from Slovenia or Turkey and interested in absolving an ESC in Sieben Linden 2019, please contact us!

Interested in living and working for several months in a German Ecovillage?

Sieben Linden Ecovillage is looking for one young volunteer from Slovenia and Turkey!

Sieben Linden Ecovillage is an intentional community in a very rural area in the North of Germany.

We are living with 150 people of all ages in a newly-built village where we strive to organize all aspects of our life in a way that we have a low ecological footprint. www.siebenlinden.org

From March to September or Octobre 2019 (7-8 months), we are offering the chance to live in Sieben Linden as an ESC-volunteer. We are looking for one volunteer from Slovenia and one from Turkey.

The young volunteers will work in the following fields:

The working time is 32,5 hours per week.

The volunteer will have 3 different working fields:

1. a) Guest Service Team or b) Kitchen Team (15 hours per week)
2. Project „Let’s do it!“ World CleanUp Day (10 hours per week)
3. Freely chosen projects and activities (7,5 hours per week)

  1. Together with the other young volunteers, they will take responsibility for a one-week workshop for young people that will be held in may/june 2019 in Sieben Linden.1a) GUEST SERVICE TEAM
    The EVS volunteers will be part of the biggest work-team in Sieben Linden, the guest-team. This is another group that will offer them stability and a clear task. This is as well the one field, where they are part of a professional work-team with its obligations and clearly assigned tasks. This „normal working experience“ is part of the volunteering experience, but shall not dominate.

    Compulsory tasks include work at the reception and welcoming guests, preparing breakfast, setting up the dining room for mealtimes and clean-up afterwards and different types of household-work like doing laundry etc.

    Optional activities are:
    – offering a kids program and child care during certain seminars,
    – educational activities during Summer Camp or Open Days
    – preparing and implementing the week-long Young People‘s Gathering together with the other volunteers
    – PR activities e.g. blogging, making videos, presenting the organisation at suitable events
    – baking cake (needed for some seminars only)

    In this working area, the volunteers as compulsory tasks are supporting the cooks with meal preparation, mostly cleaning and preparing vegetables, picking wild food plants for the community kitchen, making preserves and a small amount of kitchen cleaning (no more than 4-6 hours per month of cleaning).

    Optional activities are:
    – working in the herb garden
    – fruit picking
    – cooking

    2. LET’S DO IT! World Clean Up Day

    Let‘s do it World Cleanup Day project. The goal is to get millions of volunteers to pick up trash in 150 countries around the world in one day, the World Cleanup day (https://worldcleanupday.org). Both volunteers get involved with this project.

    These activities can be related to existing projects and activities in Sieben Linden Ecovillage or they can be the volunteer‘s own initiative and they should benefit either the host organisation and/or the local community.

    Some examples could be:
    – working in the vegetable garden
    – repairing bicycles
    – working on the construction site

During the ESC, the volunteers will have health-insurance, full board and lodging covered, travel-expenses reimbursed and they will receive an amount of 5 Euro pocket-money per day.

The European Volunteers will be part of the group of young volunteers of Sieben Linden that participate in other volunteering schemes.

The small community of around eight young volunteers is a sub-community of the big community of Sieben Linden Ecovillage.

The two ESC-volunteers (from Slovenia and Turkey) will share a caravan with two bedrooms which is situated at the „Young-people‘s place namend Kolibris“ in Sieben Linden, where all young volunteers are living. All volunteers together share a kitchen and living-room and use the sanitary facilities in the main community house. It‘s quite simple living conditions – with wood-stoves in the caravan and some distance between caravan and sanitary facilities. It‘s embedded in the bigger community of Sieben Linden and the young volunteers have the chance to fully participate in the community life of Sieben Linden and in the sub-community of the young volunteers.

The community and working language in Sieben Linden is German. That‘s why some basic knowledge of German and the strong intention to improve your German skills is a prerequisite for participating in the EVS. The Erasmus+ Programs offers online-learning-tools to improve your German skills before coming here.

Interested? Please contact Lara Kastelic: lara.kastelic@gmail.com (Slovenian applicants) or Inci Gokmen: igokmen@metu.edu.tr

General Information: Head of Volunteer Coordination Freundeskreis Ökodorf e.V.: sophie.willert@fk.siebenlinden.org

What is Sieben Linden Ecovillage?

Philosophy, Politics and Culture

Climate change, economic crisis, exploitation of human beings and of resources… at Sieben Linden, we develop and test answers on pressing questions of our time. We share no common ideology or religion. Like a social microcosm, the diversity of our community reflects the basic issues of life. What connects us, though, is the focus on a life in harmony with the Earth und all other Earthlings.


At Sieben Linden, the greater goal is a reduction of our ecological footprint i all aspects of life. So far, we have cut it down to  2,500 kg CO2-equivalents per head which translates into  one third of the average ecological footprint in Germany. Resulting  from our special focus on closed energy and resource cycles, it extends to the solar energy and hot water supply, to building with natural and regional resources like straw, clay and timber as well as to organic gardening for our food supply. Moreover, we enhance the populated area and its ecosystems by preserving and creating diverse habitats for flora and fauna.

Social Life

By living together we aim at integrating individual needs into the communal life every day. Transparency and trust building amongst us, true and attentive communication, mutual appreciation and broad-based decision-making are fundamental tools towards this goal.  Living together in full awareness represents a collective learning process of humans of all ages and social backgrounds.


The communal project is a legal entity and stands on an equal footing. Land and infrastructure belong to the inhabitants as they are all shareholders of a co-operative. Our domestic budgets are our own responsibility. We seek for everyone to find their place in the whole. Thus, dispositions can become professions and new occupational challenges be embraced. Money entering the Ecovillage circulates here several times before leaving it again.

Dedication and Education

Responsibility for a future worth living on this planet doesn’t end at the fringes of the ecovillage. Through different initiatives and networks many of us are actively involved in society. Experiences and knowledge that we accumulate in Sieben Linden are offered in seminars and participatory workshops directly to people from all over the world.

Fore more informations, please check: www.siebenlinden.org

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  1. Anna-Lena sagt:

    ich habe Interesse an einem EFD 2018. Gibt es dafür bereits Stellen? bzw. kann man sich bereits bewerben?

    Liebe Grüße,

  2. Anna sagt:

    ich habe Interesse an einem EFD ab Sommer/Herbst 2018, gibt es dafür bereits Stellen, bzw. kann man sich bereits bewerben ?

    Beste Grüße und Vielen Dank

    • Hallo Anna,
      für das nächste Jahr haben wir eine Kooperation mit Slovenien und Schweden. Wir können nur bei uns aufnehmen mit entsprechender Staatsbürgerschaft. Wie und ob wir in 2018 als Entsendeorganisation fungieren, ist noch nicht klar, daher ist es ratsamer, dir eine andere Entsendeorganisation zu suchen.

  3. Lisann sagt:

    ich habe Interesse an einem EFD im nächsten Jahr. Bieten Sie immer die selben Stellen an?

    Viele Grüße,

    • Aniko sagt:

      Hallo Lisann,

      danke für dein Interesse! Ich habe deine Anfrage an unser Bildungsreferat weitergeleitet. Du wirst umgehend E-Post bekommen!

      Viele Grüße,

  4. Rebecca Popp sagt:

    Ich hätte Interesse am Langzeitfreiwilligendienst in Findhorn.
    Ist die Stelle noch zu vergeben?
    Liebe Grüße,